Anne (France)

I had an amazing time in El Tulipán!

Christian is a great teacher, thanks to him I can finally talk to people in Spanish.

Betty (United States)

Christian is an excellent teacher. He engages students with a lot of interaction activities. He is patient, fun and kind.

Fernanda (Brazil)

My experience was amazing. I arrived in Lima with less than basic Spanish and ended up with intermediate advanced level. I had a great time with my teacher Christian, who is super dedicated and willing to teach in the best way, always adapting to our way of learning.

Lisa (The Netherlands)

I really liked the classes from my teacher Mafa. I learned a lot in a short time and I will be able to talk and understand more.

Thank you.

Levin (Germany)

Mafa is a very good and patient teacher and for the short time I was in El Tulipán I learned a lot.

Ida (Finland)

The atmosphere of the school is great!

I also enjoyed the classes, it wasn’t only learning grammar but also talking and getting to know the culture and Perú. I also loved the possibility to have private classes.

Hanna (Finland)

I really liked my classes and my teacher was very nice and professional. I improved a lot in Spanish and these classes helped me with my university.

Ricarda (Austria)

For the short time, I had a good overview of the language. My teacher was very nice and patient.

Thank you Mafa!

Hein (South Africa)

Had a good time at the school. My teacher Christian is great and highly recommended!

Andrea (United States)

I started classes at El Tulipán in August 2017 when I came to Perú. I started in A1 and progressed through B2. I studied with three teachers and enjoyed various styles methods and perspectives. I am confident in my ability to communicate and participate in life in South America.