Fernanda (Brazil)

My experience was amazing. I arrived in Lima with less than basic Spanish and ended up with intermediate advanced level. I had a great time with my teacher Christian, who is super dedicated and willing to teach in the best way, always adapting to our way of learning.

Lisa (The Netherlands)

I really liked the classes from my teacher Mafa. I learned a lot in a short time and I will be able to talk and understand more.

Thank you.

Levin (Germany)

Mafa is a very good and patient teacher and for the short time I was in El Tulipán I learned a lot.

Ida (Finland)

The atmosphere of the school is great!

I also enjoyed the classes, it wasn’t only learning grammar but also talking and getting to know the culture and Perú. I also loved the possibility to have private classes.

Hanna (Finland)

I really liked my classes and my teacher was very nice and professional. I improved a lot in Spanish and these classes helped me with my university.

Ricarda (Austria)

For the short time, I had a good overview of the language. My teacher was very nice and patient.

Thank you Mafa!

Hein (South Africa)

Had a good time at the school. My teacher Christian is great and highly recommended!

Andrea (United States)

I started classes at El Tulipán in August 2017 when I came to Perú. I started in A1 and progressed through B2. I studied with three teachers and enjoyed various styles methods and perspectives. I am confident in my ability to communicate and participate in life in South America.

Sophie (Belgium)

El Tulipán and the teacher Amparo prepared me very well for the DELE exams. Before that the teacher Rocio taught me very well the basic levels of Spanish.

Excellent and highly professional teachers!

John (United Kingdom)

learned a lot of new information in the class and had the opportunity to practice speaking as well as learning the theory behind a topic.

The class was nice and informal, the perfect environment for someone to learn. All the staff and the teachers were extremely friendly and helpful.