Calvin (USA)

I like the staff and tv room.

I would like more schools in different countries.

Linda (Germany)

I liked that the teachers spoke Spanish all the time (or at least most of the time). It really helped me to get into the flow of speaking Spanish and also supported my comprehension of many new words. I also really appreciated that there was so much communication about everyday topics in the class, which was a great practice for actually speaking Spanish in everyday life.

Sietse (Holland)

I like the environment and the employees a lot. Also it’s nice that everybody takes the time to help you with your spanish.

Location is great, nice neighborhood.

Ella (Finland)

Before El Tulipán I only studied in classes where we learned grammar and vocabulary but here I felt that I really learned to talk and use the language. The atmosphere in the classes was really nice.

Eduardo (Brazil)

Everything was great. It was a whole month of intensive learning. Staff was nice, classroom was comfy and Mafa was a great teacher. I loved to learn not only spanish but also Perú’s culture, politics and everyday life. I will take good memories and hope to be able to come back one day.

Thank you all for the amazing time I had in Lima!

Jannik (Germany)

The school is really nice and I like the teachers, they are very friendly and very patient. The classes are very interactive and funny, that make the stay enjoyable and easier to learn the language.

Cyrus (Australia)

We were lucky to have Amparo who is an excellent communicator Her experience and hard work ensured the classes were engaging and that we learnt things at a rapid rate. I especially liked the conversation. I chose a small school as I wanted a more personalized experience. El Tulipán provided this perfectly.

David (Australia)

The small class size was great, allowing for plenty of personal interaction. Amparo was skilled at encouraging us to speak and engage practically through games, conversation, etc. and she made the experience enjoyable as well as practical.

Anais (Germany)

The Spanish lessons were very interesting and very good to learn fast. What I liked the most was the way how we teach, many mindmaps to remember better.

Alline (Brazil)

I really enjoyed the classes, Gretty is a very attentive and professional teacher. What I liked the most was that the classes are flexible regarding the learning process of the students.