Nienke (Netherlands)

I was here only for 4 days, but I learned a lot in a very short time. The classes were both interesting and enjoyable.

Thanks a lot!

Charlotte (Netherlands)

The experience was very good. The school is very personal and the response to questions was very quick. I was super lucky because I had classes with no other students. I could ask everything to my teacher and she explained everything very good.

Very nice to have my own pace (because I think it is not so fast), but my teacher was patient. It was also nice to talk about different things from both countries like the food, how everything is organized, etc. I like it to have some background information. I’m curious to know how people live here. A big big big thanks to my teacher, I have learned a lot.

Now practice myself and maybe come back next year!

Sara (Germany)

I have the impression that my Spanish improved a lot during my classes. My teacher explained me a lot in an easy manner and answered my questions very understandable. I also enjoyed the conversations we had about the similarities and differences between Perú and Germany. In general I’m very content that I took the classes in El Tulipán and I will recommend it!

For me, it was not only learning Spanish but having a lot of fun too!

Adalaya (USA)

The classes were very small and casual which made it less intimidating to speak up ask questions and practice the language more.

Calvin (USA)

I like the staff and tv room.

I would like more schools in different countries.

Linda (Germany)

I liked that the teachers spoke Spanish all the time (or at least most of the time). It really helped me to get into the flow of speaking Spanish and also supported my comprehension of many new words. I also really appreciated that there was so much communication about everyday topics in the class, which was a great practice for actually speaking Spanish in everyday life.

Sietse (Holland)

I like the environment and the employees a lot. Also it’s nice that everybody takes the time to help you with your spanish.

Location is great, nice neighborhood.

Ella (Finland)

Before El Tulipán I only studied in classes where we learned grammar and vocabulary but here I felt that I really learned to talk and use the language. The atmosphere in the classes was really nice.

Eduardo (Brazil)

Everything was great. It was a whole month of intensive learning. Staff was nice, classroom was comfy and Mafa was a great teacher. I loved to learn not only spanish but also Perú’s culture, politics and everyday life. I will take good memories and hope to be able to come back one day.

Thank you all for the amazing time I had in Lima!

Jannik (Germany)

The school is really nice and I like the teachers, they are very friendly and very patient. The classes are very interactive and funny, that make the stay enjoyable and easier to learn the language.